Planarians as a model of aging to study the interaction between stem cells and senescent cells in vivo Patrick M. Perrigue, Joseph Najbauer, Agnieszka A. Jozwiak, Jan Barciszewski, Karen S. Aboody, Michael E. Barish
Mitochondrial catalase suppresses naturally occurring lung cancer in old mice Xuang Ge, Christina Pettan-Brewer, John Morton, Katrina Carter, Sy Fatemi, Peter Rabinovitch, Warren Ladiges
Rapamycin improves motor function, reduces 4-hydroxynonenal adducted protein in brain, and attenuates synaptic injury in a mouse model of synucleinopathy Xiang Bai, Margaret Chia-Ying Wey, Elizabeth Fernandez, Matthew J. Hart, Jonathan Gelfond, Alex F. Bokov, Sheela Rani, Randy Strong
A model of chronic hepatitis in mice expressing a truncated XRCC1 protein Xuan Ge, Christina Pettan-Brewer, John Morton, Warren C. Ladiges
LINGO-1 promotes lysosomal degradation of amyloid-β protein precursor Rian de Laat, James S. Meabon, Jesse C. Wiley, Mark P. Hudson, Thomas J. Montine, Mark Bothwell
Practical pathology of aging mice Christina Pettan-Brewer, Piper M. Treuting
The mouse as a model for understanding chronic diseases of aging: the histopathologic basis of aging in inbred mice John P. Sundberg, Annerose Berndt, Beth A. Sundberg, Kathleen A. Silva, Victoria Kennedy, Roderick Bronson, Rong Yuan, Beverly Paigen, David Harrison, Paul N. Schofield
Broad segmental progeroid changes in short-lived Ercc1-/ Δ7 mice Martijn E.T. Dollé, Raoul V. Kuiper, Marianne Roodbergen, Joke Robinson, Sisca de Vlugt, Susan W.P. Wijnhoven, Rudolf B. Beems, Liset de la Fonteyne, Piet de With, Ingrid van der Pluijm, Laura J. Niedernhofer, Paul Hasty, Jan Vijg, Jan H.J. Hoeijmakers, Harry van Steeg
Investigation and identification of etiologies involved in the development of acquired hydronephrosis in aged laboratory mice with the use of high-frequency ultrasound imaging Danielle A. Springer, Michele Allen, Victoria Hoffman, Lauren Brinster, Matthew F. Starost, Mark Bryant, Michael Eckhaus

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